Search and Branding


Branding has often been associated with billboards, magazine spreads and million-dollar TV spots. However, digital innovation has allowed social media and online marketing to gain precedence over traditional channels. Brands can now reach consumers with high-impact advertising in real time.

Without brand recognition, there is no concrete way of driving leads. Building your brand online will not only boost awareness and build reputation, it will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back. Considering the average attention span of an adult is approximately 8 seconds, it has become more crucial than ever to brand your company in a way that quickly delivers a message, creates emotion, motivates the buyer, and cultivates consumer loyalty.

Social Targeting:

Unfortunately, many businesses still believe in the “shot gun” approach of advertising. The belief that the area or population covered is proportional to their success, not realizing that a majority of those reached have no interest in their product or service.

Social targeting allows precise targeting unprecedented in other channels of advertising. Based on specific information gathered from online behavior and trends, consumers most likely to use your product can now be deliberately targeted. Furthermore, with the power of social networking sites, word of mouth advertising has been amplified exponentially.

Search Solutions:

A majority of people turn to Google in search of answers, products and services. People want answers immediately, and will probably not get past the first page of search results before moving on.

Optimizing online presence and visibility is vital in the “digital age”. It has become easy to discredit legitimate companies, simply because they have limited online presence and visibility. Conveying the right message and also being visible to consumers is imperative for every thriving business. Consumers are continuously searching for new and/or specific products and service, therefore being placed directly in front of this specific target market will not only make companies relevant but also prosperous.